Wants List

This post will be a permanent place where I will put all of the items on my wants list for my collections! If you have any for sale or see a listing for them somewhere, please do let me know! :D

However, I am a little picky about what I add to my collections, so please take these into consideration!

- All items must be MWT/MIP or a similar condition! (unless explicitly noted otherwise)
- Grails/Items for my main collections take priority, so I may push back getting items from my side collections
- Plush have more priority than most other items, as that is what I mainly collect

And that is about it! Onto the wants!


Tomy Mascot Plush (2002) [Ok to be TTO]

Tomy Giant Latias plush [Ok to be TTO]

2002 Banpresto Lotto prize [Ok to be TTO]

Tohoku life size Soothe Bell Victini

Pokemon Center life size Victini

Takara Tomy life size Victini

South Korean exclusive "Sono Kong" Victini
(Pic credit to Giratini Collection site)

Houndour PokeDoll

Houndour Atsumete! Mascot plush

Pokemon Time Lapras

Kutakuta Lapras

Hasbro Poochyena

-some items below may someday upgrade to grail status if proving difficult to find-

Latias (main)

2002 Frowny Banpresto

2003 Smiley Banpresto [must have both hang tag and suction cup]

Pikachu riding Latis promotion plush tissue box cover


Movie coin

My Dearest charms

My Dearest Pin

Eon Ticket charms

Mega charm sets

Latias "With You" button

Newer "With You" button

Mega Pikachu Ponchos Tin

Ride with Pikachu can badge set

Pokemon Time charm

PokePark keyring

PokePark Pin

PokePark Tin

Graphix Pin

Graphix Can Badge

PokePark drawstring bag
95% of the photos credit to Soital collection site!

(Also just feel free to show me anything Latias you have [as long as they’re not flats for the most part!] as I may be potentially interested! I just listed what I could think of that I really want above!)

Victini (main)

Tomy T-Arts Hand Puppet

Tomy T-Arts Palm-Sized plush
(Pic credit to Giratini Collection site)

Masterball lotto prize

Pikachu holding Victini lotto prize

Narikiri children’s hat

Victini has so many Banpresto misc plush that I'm just going to show the photos here, if I am missing any please let me know!

(Pic credit to Giratini Collection site)

(Pic credit to Giratini Collection site)

^v I’m not sure if these guys are the same. If any of you know please let me know!

Not sure if the two below are bootlegs of any of the ones above or actual official plush. If you have any information and/or images (highly sought after) please let me know!



2016 Pokemon World Championships pin

Dual movie coin

Vibrating Macaron charm

2016 “With You” charm

2018 “With You” tin badge

Dot Sprite charm

I’m also looking for anything from Tohoku’s merch as well! I don’t know too much other than the items below, but if you happen to have or see any keychains, buttons, pins, charms, etc (not flats) relating to Tohoku’s merch please let me know and I’ll add it below! Tohoku had either Snivy, Chespin, or Rowlet as its 3rd mascot, so I’m looking for any and all versions. As long as it has Victini I’ll most likely be interested!

Tohoku 1st anniversary charm (can be BY itself)

Tohoku 1st anniversary pin

Tohoku Keyring (w/ Snivy) [must be in original packaging!]

Tohoku Pin (w/ Rowlet)

(Also just feel free to show me anything Victini you have [as long as they’re not flats for the most part!] as I may be potentially interested! I just listed what I could think of that I really want above!)

Dragonite (side-medium priority)

Canvas Plush


Petite keychain plush

2015(?) Banpresto

Big laying Banpresto

Small rolling Banpresto

Takara Tomy A.R.T.S. Sleepy Time Friends plush

Lapras (side-medium priority)

Minky PokeDoll

Petit Pastel

Secret Base standard plush

Secret Base mascot

It's Demo standard

It's Demo mascot


Fuzzy Tomy

I Love Marine Banpresto

Pikachu riding on Lapras tissue box cover
Gigantamax Lapras


Dog Pokemon (side-medium priority)

Movie Box set plush [TTO and separated from box preferred]

Bandai Friends plush [TTO ok] (specifically looking for the version with the tush tag the right side of him! As seen in the image! I already have the version of him with the tag on the left side)


Takara Tomy


-Complete for now!




Canvas plush

Pokemon Time plush


Okinawa Arcanine poncho Eevee right plush

Okinawa Arcanine poncho Eevee left plush


-see Houndour wants in grails section!


-Complete for now!

Mega Houndoom

-no official plush :(


Soft Touch Banpresto

Fuzzy Hasbro




-Complete for now!


2004 Banpresto


-no official plush :(


-no official plush :(


-Complete for now!

Mega Manectric

-no official plush :(


Takara Tomy A.R.T.S. Sleepy Time Friends plush


2009 Minky PokeDoll

PokeDoll mascot

Awake Kuttari

Asleep Kuttari

Pokemomo mascot

Petit keychain plush mascot
Mega Lucario

-Complete for now!


-Complete for now!





Zygarde 10% form

-Complete for now!


-Complete for now!

Lycanroc Midday

-Complete for now!

Lycanroc Dusk

-Complete for now!

Lycanroc Midnight

-Complete for now!


Large Sanei cushion

Fuzzy Tomy plush (Medium)

Talking mascot plush




PokeCen plush


PokeCen plush
Wooloo (side- medium priority)

-Complete for now!

Girafarig (side-low priority)

-Complete for now!

Blitzle line (side-low priority)


Banpresto plush

Tomy plush



Human Collections
(These are all side collections with medium priority)

Brendan (ORAS era only)

Brendan w/ partner Treecko Hoenn button collection (A)

Brendan contest outfit w/ Rock Star cosplay Pikachu Hoenn button collection (B)

ORAS preorder bonus pencil boards

Pokemon EX drawing - Yusuke Murata campaign collection file version 1

Pokemon EX drawing - Yusuke Murata campaign collection file version 2

Pokemon EX drawing - Yusuke Murata campaign file folders (both versions)

Pokemon EX drawing - Yusuke Murata campaign stickers

(Really, if you have/see anything [except for maybe like the stationery, clothing, water bottle, mug, bath towels, and phone items and such) from this EX drawing campaign, as long as Brendan is somewhere in there please let me know! I just put my most wanted items here! :>)

Preorder bonus New Hoenn Art book

Rock Star cosplay Pikachu charm


Hau w/ partner Rowlet Alola Button collection (A)

Hau w/ partner Rowlet Alola Button collection (B)

Hau uncommon Trainer reverse holo Shining Legends (61/73)

Alola Friends promo card

Preorder bonus Alola hardcover art book (Sun and Moon version)

Preorder bonus Alola hardcover art book (Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon version)

Preorder bonus USUM art book plastic mini poster (#2)

Preorder bonus USUM art book plastic mini poster (#4)


Preorder bonus Galar hardcover art book


-Complete for now!

Misc Wants (very low priority)

minky Turtwig DX PokeDoll

2007 UFO Torterra

2008 UFO Torterra

Dialga PokeDoll

Snivy PokeDoll

Serperior PokeDoll

Tepig PokeDoll

Emboar PokeDoll

Samurott PokeDoll

Pop Star cosplay Pikachu plush (American version preferred!)

Pop Star cosplay Pikachu charm

Permanent Sales Post

Hello there, welcome to my sales!

Sales Rules!
-Sales permission granted by areica96 on May 7, 2019
-My feedback can be found here
(Feedback site) http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/latias_girl/
(New thread) https://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/24308490.html?thread=708764170#t708764170
-All pkmncollectors rules apply
-I will not sell to non-pkmncollectors members or banned members
-I only accept PayPal
-Prices do not include shipping or PayPal fees
-Items are from a smoke free home, but I do have a dog! She mostly stays away from my stuff but just letting you know as a precaution
-Commitments prioritize quotes! The first to commit will get priority on the item!
-Feel free to ask me for more pictures!
-My day to ship things out are Fridays during the school year (I am a uni student). During breaks (such as summer and winter) I can ship them out throughout the week.
-No haggling at the moment please!
-Backing out of a commitment will result in negative feedback left
-Once you’ve received your items, please leave me some feedback as well, I’d greatly appreciate it! I will be sure to return the favor!

-I ship from California, USA
-At the moment I do not ship internationally
-I ship by USPS
-Once the package has left my hands, I am no longer responsible if it becomes lost

If you have any lingering questions, don't be afraid to ask!
Now that that is done, onto the goods!


20th anniversary Mew plush - $35

Wobbuffet “Look at that Tail!” Banpresto - $12

Psyduck Banpresto - $12

Hoenn trio - $12 each, or $30 for the set
Pikachu and Oshawott - $12 each
Plush clips - $9 each
Or take the whole lot for $65

Pikachu with apple (box has tear on back) - $20


A Day With Pikachu: Charged Up for Game Day Funko (x2) - $15 each


2011 Emboar Christmas Market Charm - $7

Extras from my Yusuke Murata EX Drawing Can Badge box - $5 each
SOLD - Metagross


All rares/holos/reverses $2. Or get one free when you purchase 3 cards or more!

Zekrom EX - $3
Reshiram Full Art - $10
(Sold: Regigigas holo)

Tornadus Full Art - $5

Shaymin Ex - $4
Hau Japanese promo card (x3) - $13 each
Sylveon Full Art EX - $8
Kyurem EX promo - $3

Palkia LVL X - $14
Moltres, Zapdos, Articuno GX - $5
Pinsir GX - $2
Raichu GX Promo - $2 each
Imakuni?’s Doduo - $4
Incineroar GX - $5

TCG code cards featuring Espeon or Serperior - $1 each


Detective Pikachu promotional small poster (GameStop version) (x2) - $5 each

Detective Pikachu promotional small poster (Target version) (x4) - $5 each

Scholastic episode chapter books by Tracey West (volumes 1-3) - $3 each or the whole set of three for $7


Anime character plushes- $15 each
SOLD- Death the Kid, Natsu, Eren

Large Vampire Knight poster (staining due to a rubber band) -$6

LiveJournal Intro

Hi there! I'm new to LiveJournal, and this is my first post! Things you should know about me is that I love anime! X3 My some of my favorites include Fairy Tail, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Attack on Titan, and Soul Eater. I also love Pokémon, (especially collecting plushes) drawing, reading, dragons, dogs, and other things I can't remember now. I'm trying to keep this fairly short for now, so thanks for reading!